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Pain and Acupuncture

During the past few decades Acupuncture has become popular all over the world because in all types of PAINFUL conditions Acupuncture gives very high Cure Rate. Pain is the cry of our body.Whenever there is a problem like fever,Arthritis,Migraine,Cervical spondylosis Neck stiffness Backache,Peptic ulcer,Angina,Painful menstruation etc body cry with pain. Pain in the joints may be due to injury,over weight,wrong posture degenerative changes in the joints space reduction in the joints or any other functional disorder can be treated with Acupuncture .In certain conditions patients with chronic painful condition remain dependent upon pain killer which in the long run creates diseases because of side effects. Whenever there is a functional disorder pain in the body,pain killer gives temporary relief and patients became pain killer addicted.
HOW ACUPUNCTURE WORKS :-Gate control theory pain is the most acceptable theory of pain mechanism. this theory proposes that a functional gate lies in the substansia gelatinosa of spinal cord. According to Endomorphine Release theory- opiate receptors are present in C.N.S( Central Nervous System). Morphine decreases the pain by combining with opeate receptors. Acupuncture needling causes release of endomorphine and encephlins within the C.N.S. and by combining with opiate receptors of the pain cell in the brain block the pain impulse to reach the conscious awareness and thereby relieving the pain. Acupuncture is a painless process and can be applied to any group,sex and any stage. to be continued...................... Author is clinical Acupuncturist working in the field for the last 29 years.
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